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Utilizing OpenSource Tools to Execute Digital Transformation

TTC builds Selenuim framework to better serve clients that desire OpenSource tools

TTC Americas Ron Asher
  • Ron Asher
  • 29 October 2019

With offices in North America and Europe, TTC's client is a brokerage and premier global provider of end-to-end commercial real estate and loan advisory services using proprietary and innovative applications. These applications offer life of loan and valuation management, asset management and analytic solutions.

In late 2018, our client was looking to undergo a digital transformation by enhancing its web-facing applications to improve its customer experience. While the client had no formal QA process or QA team in place, it had a goal to implement test automation into its integrated CRE platform within three months. TTC was brought in to implement solutions in tool selection, processes and personnel.


The first step TTC took was to assess the current situation and define an initial test strategy, which identified key workflows. Thereafter we commenced test plan development. This approach included:

  • Implementation of a lean project management framework using industry best practices for software testing
  • Engagement with subject matter experts to conduct a risk assessment and develop a prioritized risk model of the SUT
  • Execution of regular demos, reviews and retrospectives to ensure value was delivered
  • Implementation of exploratory testing and specified/scripted testing
  • Use test case design techniques to develop an optimized test suite
  • Shift to continuous testing by deploying test automation and integrating with SD pipeline to run tests continuously


The success of test automation Led by TTC has given this real estate brokerage the ability to:

  • Create and implement a test framework and test automation
  • Automate regression test for 32 user stories
  • Automate 175 test cases
  • Reduce regression testing time from 2 weeks to less than 1 day