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End-to-End Software Testing Services for Government Agencies

For many years, TTC has continuously worked with our local and federal governments. Our work includes support for the implementation of accessibility standards for websites to continuous quality programs for government agencies. We have also been fortunate to support the military with security vulnerability assessments. Our government clients are embracing emerging technologies in an effort to provide their clients’ partners and other government organizations services in a fast, efficient, reliable, and intuitive manner. There is an inherent risk with change and more so when on the leading edge. TTC is here to help mitigate those risks. Whether you are leveraging mobile technologies, cloud services or adopting agile software development methodology, TTC has the expertise to ensure that proper testing and quality assurance practices are followed.

Government Workers

Your organization can be confident that TTC, as an independent third party, has done its due diligence to ensure that any significant issues have been identified and documented. We take pride in our work for our local, state and federal customers. Together, we work closely with our customers to provide high value for public spending and contribute back to the local economy. We are equally comfortable working in traditional software development environments as well as with new Agile and Dev Ops approaches.

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