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Transform Complexity into Simplicitiy, One Transaction at a Time with our Guidewire Solutions

Guidewire is a powerful platform that supports businesses as on their mission to remain flexible, fast, and competitive. TTC Global's digital solutions for Guidewire safeguards the quality of your data through a modern approach to Quality Engineering, leveraging techniques such as Test Automation and Data Quality Engineering to optimize your testing projects. TTC can assure that Guidewire's streamlined workflow remains efficient, accurate, and reliable.

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Guidewire's configurations, data management, and performance can become complex for organizations to manage. The seasoned consultants at TTC Global have the knowledge, experience, and tools needed to find the quality solutions that work best for you. Helping organizations make the most out of your Guidewire investment without sacrificing any of the valuable assets is a top priority for our team.

We specialize in testing many areas within Guidewire, including:

  • PolicyCenter
  • ClaimCenter
  • BillingCenter
  • Data Analytics

Our Solutions

Our consultants have tested a variety of Guidewire implementations and are able to bring this experience to our clients. Take advantage of TTC’s tailored technology-aligned quality engineering and testing solutions for Guidewire in order to overcome modern day challenges.

Testing as a Service (TaaS)

TTC Global’s Testing as a Service (TaaS) provides organizations with significant opportunity to deploy testing into their environments without having to scale up headcount and its associated logistics. With TaaS, you can utilize TTC’s world-class testing capability on demand or as scheduled via a resourcing program that flexes around your individual organizational needs.

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Quality Transformation

TTC utilizes a packaged, flexible, and proven Quality Maturity Assessment to enable organizations to transform their approach to software quality. This toolkit includes a questionnaire, a scoring model, and templates that allow for assessment customization and selective improvement. This methodology has been developed based on extensive consulting experience, having been used to assess both large and small organizations across numerous geographies.

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Automated Software Testing

TTC offers top-of-the-line automation consulting services that allow organizations to not only maximize their resources but also ensure quality outcomes for end users. Our team of experts utilizes best-in-market tools, frameworks, and techniques to help our clients achieve digital transformation automation simplifies end-to-end functional testing by automating tests across all layers of modern enterprise architectures. There are many benefits to be gained by implementing test automation.

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Security Testing

TTC’s experts will work with you to identify and implement the right BI testing tool that meets your organizational requirements.

When your team has data they can trust, this builds confidence in forecasts and reporting and enables better decisions to be made. It also means data warehousing processes can be better monitored, which leads to further optimization and efficient BI report testing. And finally, ETL testing helps developers stay on top of architectural and functional issues.

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