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Security Testing

cyber security testing services

Delivering quality security assessments with business focused outcomes. TTC provides our clients with practitioner level assessment expertise to identify security vulnerabilities impacting their systems and applications. Furthermore, we provide clear, achievable and specific recommendations necessary to remediate and reduce the risks associated with these vulnerabilities.

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Technical Risk Assessments

TTC will undertake comprehensive security assessments of systems, infrastructure, and applications to provide a thorough understanding of security risks. Furthermore, we ensure we present our clients with recommendations on how to address the identified risks and all supporting evidence collected during the assessment. Our consultants conduct these reviews primarily via documentation review and workshops with our clients. Technical Risk Assessments can be combined with penetration tests and/or vulnerability assessments.

Cyber-Attack Simulations

Cyber Security Testing Services

Our consultants simulate a genuine cyber-attack on your organization to undertake highly targeted assessments designed to target critical data assets in your network. Our Red Team will perform scenario based malicious adversary simulations with phishing, social engineering, and malware deployment. These engagements allow for a better understanding of your security controls effectiveness, detection capability and incident response efficiency.

Why Engage with TTC?

We engage our clients with the highest levels of integrity to provide true and trusted advice and security service. We employ a highly scalable approach to security testing, which allows for our clients to select the most appropriate service provision to meet budgets and time constraints. We listen to our clients to clearly understand their needs and ensure the services we provide offers the most optimal solutions from the early stages of the delivery. Our consultants are industry leading practitioners with accreditations such as OSCP, OSCE, and CISSP.

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