Oil & Energy

Ensure Quality & Optimize Performance of Oil & Energy Based Applications with Next-Generation Testing

TTC understands the energy industry’s (oil & gas, renewable energy) priorities in managing risks and regulatory compliance. Automating business processes and becoming more efficient will enable today’s industry leaders to innovate new products and services in new energy usage paradigms. TTC’s energy industry software testing solutions focus on identifying and minimizing risk by helping enterprises reduce non-productive time (NPT) while managing uncertainty.

TTC’s QA specialists have tested a variety of energy industry software systems. Our comprehensive approach to software quality and specialized software testing gives our clients piece of mind that risks have been managed and reduced. Take advantage of TTC's quality assurance and energy industry software testing best practices.

TTC brings hands-on experience in oil & energy operations and supports clients in overcoming their quality problems related to production process, supply chain, environment, and regulatory compliances and aging IT infrastructure. Our tailor-made QA and software testing solutions for oil & energy industry improves the quality of business processes and customer satisfaction, quick and better decision making, and optimally utilize resources and skills.

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