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Purpose & Values

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The unrivaled leaders at improving the quality of software for our global customers

At TTC we are the unrivalled leaders at improving the quality of software for our global customers. Since the inception of our company, TTC's mission and values have been embedded in the core of all our work, actions, and initiatives. We care deeply about ensuring we hold true to who we are while creating transformative digital solutions for our clients. 

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Our Values

One Global Team

We are a global team with unique perspectives to tackle any challenge.

Deliver Quality Outcomes

We listen to our customers to deliver transformative results.

Celebrate Our Exceptional Culture

We are an employer of choice that prioritizes employee wellbeing.

Absolutely Accountable

We take ownership and get the job done by doing what’s right.

Inherently Inclusive

We’re stronger together, our differences are our strength.

Long-Term Success

It anchors our organization and manifests itself in how we approach our day-to-day both externally and internally. Alongside our values, it keeps us accountable, ensuring we’re doing our best work and ultimately sustaining long-term success for our partners and clients as well.

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Mike Ewart
  • Co-Founder & Executive Director
  • “At TTC, we understand that regardless of background, we’re united here over our shared purpose and values to help our clients achieve and succeed through innovative testing solutions and services. It makes us better, and that’s what we always strive to be. ”

Work With Us

Our global team of experts are not only highly skilled, they are a great team to work with and learn from.