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Improving Agile Test Management

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As technology continues to proliferate, organizations are realizing the benefits of developing software in Agile and DevOps environments. Embedding testing throughout the software delivery pipeline can remove the quality assurance bottlenecks that are well-known in traditional methodologies and improve the quality of releases.

Tricentis qTest is the latest in Agile test management solutions. It streamlines software testing in Agile and DevOps environments so your team can work smarter, test faster, and create better technology.

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Agile Software Testing Tools

Create Better Software, Faster, with Tricentis qTest

TTC recommends Tricentis qTest as a suite of Agile software testing tools to improve efficiency and collaboration, enabling better quality releases at greater speed. It integrates with best-in-class Agile planning, test automation, and CI/CD tools to facilitate seamless collaboration across the entire software delivery pipeline.

Why Adopt qTest? Quite Simply, It Offers the Best Value.

  1. Simplifies developer-tester alignment with a real-time Jira integration at both the requirements and defects levels. Easy migration from legacy tools.
  2. qTest centralizes test automation management and integrates with any open-source or proprietary test automation tool.
  3. qTest enables Agile teams to approach QA strategically, test early and often, and get to market faster.
  4. Leave legacy behind for an enterprise-grade test management solution that seamlessly integrates with Agile and DevOps tools.
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Partner with TTC to Implement Tricentis qTest

We have worked with Tricentis for over nine years and are a premium partner. Our consultants are highly experienced in all aspects of QA and software testing and will work with you to form a deep understanding of your organization so that the solutions we recommend are relevant, pragmatic, and future-focused.

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