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Ensure Quality & Optimize Performance of Healthcare & Life Sciences-Based Applications with Next-Generation Testing

The Healthcare & Life Sciences industry needs to adhere to various rules & regulations under 21 CFR Part 11, GxP Compliance, & Good Automated Manufacturing Practice (GAMP). This necessitates adoption of digital technologies, big data analytics & BI, compliance with a wide regulatory landscape, legacy modernization, transforming process & systems, improving IT efficiencies and ensuring functional efficiency, performance, security, and privacy of applications, data, & devices. Security of patient data is mission critical for healthcare software testing. You need a healthcare software QA testing partner who has domain expertise, a deep understanding of the importance of HIPAA compliance, and maintains strict security protocols. TTC can be that partner for you.

Healthcare technology companies do not develop software in a silo. They must work with other integral departments such as Legal, Risk Management, HR, Quality and more. On top of that, most healthcare software relies on other third party software and is at the mercy of those companies for new features, updates and compliance protocols. Failing to meet the strict patient data security and privacy requirements for HIPAA Compliance can put your brand at risk and result in costly legal repercussions. There are so many layers to developing healthcare technology that you need to work with someone who has the proven domain experience that you can trust. TTC offers software testing solutions for diverse life science and healthcare players such as hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, healthcare services, clinical labs, diagnostic centers, third-party administrators (TPA), payers, medical equipment manufacturers, healthcare ISVs, and research organizations. We provide end-to-end Advisory & Transformation services, Test Automation, and Performance, Functional, & Security Testing solutions with a strong emphasis on regulations, compliance, quality, and more.

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