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Event Recap: Tosca Certifications and Additional Career Options

A small group got together recently to talk Tosca certification roadmap and cross-skilling.

TTC Asia Pac Shane Ross
  • Shane Ross
  • 28 October 2019

How do you follow on from a successful launch of the Wellington Tosca Test Automation community? Well, maybe talk about the Tosca Certification Roadmap and cross-skilling into the area of Robotic Process Automation. Both were the topics of the Wellington Tosca Automation community meet up on 22nd October 2019, under the theme of ‘Improving and using your Tosca skills’.

While only a small number attended, the content and the discussion for the meet up was great. TTC's Brendan Lester had prepared a presentation on the Tosca certification road map. Starting at Automated Specialist 1 and Automated Specialist 2, there are four tracks – Architect, Specialist, Engineer and Developer available. The top qualification; Test Architect 1 is globally recognised and hard won. 35% of people applying for the qualification meet the criteria and of this generally less than 10% pass the exam. The meet up walked through each of the Tosca certifications and the entry criteria.

Following on from certification, Maithra Jadhav walked us through using her Tosca test automation skills in the field of Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Using Tricentis RPA, Maithra demonstrated how she could create an RPA bot that opened an email, extracted a PDF document, read the PDF document, extracted some PDF content and updated an Excel spreadsheet – all without code. Using Tosca test automation skills to create RPA bots adds another value angle to the role of the Test Automation Engineer, and a considerable cost saving to the organisation in successful RPA bot deployment.

The combined presentation for the event can be seen here. Our next meet up will be in early 2020.