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Model-Based Test Automation

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Model-based test automation has been proven to provide a more scalable, robust and cost-effective approach to software testing. This is achieved through improved speed to market, risk reduction, fewer tests and significantly lowered ongoing maintenance costs.

We work with clients around the globe, applying our specialist model-based test automation skills to effectively deploy the award-winning tool Tosca, the flagship product of Tricentis. TTC is the 2018 Tricentis Tosca Best Services Partner APAC and Americas.

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Model-Based Test Automation vs Script-Based Test Automation

While script-based test automation has been the standard for many years, there are two primary challenges associated with it:

1. Testers and developers need to allocate time towards developing frameworks, which involves the establishment of a scripting standard and the creation and ongoing maintenance of a library of keyword functions. This is limited to a few technical testers and typically becomes a bottleneck within the organization’s automation efforts.

2. As script-based test automation dictates test cases through technical language, testing initiatives are therefore limited to developers and others who understand such nomenclature. As a result, knowledge is retained within the domain of the ‘technical few’, introducing a level of risk. Secondary to this is the general shortage of technical testers, who often come at an additional and significant cost.

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The Advantages of Model-Based Test Automation

Model-based test automation does not require a framework, nor does it outline test cases in a technical manner. Rather, the process creates an automation model containing all the required information for steering the system under test (without the need for scripting or coding). Test cases are written and maintained in plain-English, removing the requirement to understand technical language. It is only at the point of execution that the business logic contained in the test cases is combined with the steering information contained in the automation model to act upon the system under test.

Model-based test automation is gathering speed. We find often that when people explore model-based test automation in more detail and demo a trial version, an appreciation for the power and capability of the approach starts to sink in.

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