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Transportation & Logistics

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Ensure Quality & Optimize Performance of Transportation & Logistics Based Applications with Next-Generation Testing

Implementing a robust logistics & transportation management software across land, air, & sea – including cargo, air transport, water/railroad transportation, motor freight, couriers, pipelines, vehicle dispatch, and more, involves overcoming multiple challenges. A few challenges include performance, tracking, planning, management, weak automation frameworks, inadequate test infrastructure & test data management, improper functional & automation test coverage, unoptimized QA processes, poor development of automated test suites, integration of testing, and much more.

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TTC’s QA & test automation experts have in-depth experience in testing logistics & transportation management software end-to-end. Retail organizations, to succeed, also need robust Logistics & Transportation services. We also test your apps end-to-end for process optimization, for scalability, and for ensuring seamless integrations with enterprise resource planning (ERP), vessel scheduling & tracking systems, freight reservation systems, vehicle tracking & route generation systems, warehouse management system (WMS), supply chain management (SCM), transport management services, billing & cost management, and more.

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