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retail and ecommerce software testing services

End-to-End Software Testing Services for Retail & eCommerce

In recent years with rapid digitalization across business sectors, the retail industry has been the most impacted with these digitization moves. The retail segment mainly delivers an omnichannel experience. This includes a user-friendly and stable customer experience at the front end and a load of transaction data at the back-end. The retail segment software includes inventory, CRM apps, data warehousing, e-commerce channels, supply chain management, and Point of sale (POS) systems, etc. Undoubtedly, the effective working of retail software drives the return on investment (ROI) for retailers.

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TTC has been assisting retailers in assuring quality across their enterprise applications and helping to provide agility to the software development process while minimizing the costs and risks. Our value-added services are based on customer’s business and their requirements while dedicated and flexible teams with all resources ready to implement any process best suitable for testing requirements. We strive to provide the best retail software testing solutions with the corroborated capability to maximize time and cost benefits for clients. Our testing services cover the entire retail IT spectrum and provide the appropriate test management approach for the enterprise, warehouse, logistics and in-store solutions.

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