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Keep up to Date with Dynamics 365 Through a Holistic Approach to Software Testing

Microsoft Dynamics 365 plays a pivotal role in driving go-to-market strategies and essential business operations for a number of our clients. We understand the challenges that come with managing regular platform updates and continuous innovation whilst balancing delivery cycle times and requirements for thorough testing of configurations, customizations and integrations. TTC Global’s Quality Engineering based approach can help you actively enhance and sustain the quality of your Dynamics 365 instances whilst accelerating time-to-value and minimizing costs.

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From new implementations and migrations to capability uplifts, TTC Global supports our clients in getting the most from their Dynamics 365 investment through our tailored software testing solutions and the domain knowledge of our skilled test engineers.

Test automation is a core focus for TTC in this space with accelerators for all common Dynamics 365 automation frameworks that can help our clients achieve up to 90% reductions in effort and cycle time compared to manual testing.

More broadly, our team has experience in testing across the full range of Dynamics 365 CRM & ERP products including: Dynamics 365 Sales, Customer Insights, Supply Chain Management, Human Resources, Finance & Operations, Intelligent Operations, Project Operations, Marketing, Business Central and more.

Our Solutions

Our consultants have tested a variety of Dynamics 365 implementations and are able to bring this experience to our clients. Take advantage of TTC Global’s tailored technology-aligned quality engineering and testing solutions for Dynamics 365.

Testing as a Service (TaaS)

TTC Global’s Testing as a Service (TaaS) provides organizations with significant opportunity to deploy testing into their environments without having to scale up headcount and its associated logistics. With TaaS, you can utilize TTC’s world-class testing capability on demand or as scheduled via a resourcing program that flexes around your individual organizational needs.

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Quality Transformation

TTC utilizes a packaged, flexible, and proven Quality Maturity Assessment to enable organizations to transform their approach to software quality. This toolkit includes a questionnaire, a scoring model, and templates that allow for assessment customization and selective improvement. This methodology has been developed based on extensive consulting experience, having been used to assess both large and small organizations across numerous geographies.

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Automated Software Testing

TTC offers top-of-the-line test automation consulting services that allow organizations to not only drive efficiencies in delivery but also ensure quality outcomes for end users. Our team has experience in all Dynamics 365 test automation toolsets including open-source options and can support your organization with proof of concepts and initial set-up, regression packs, training as well as experienced test engineers to join your team.

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Performance Engineering

Whilst Dynamics 365 is a SAAS platform, it is not immune from performance issues associated with high data volumes and integrations. TTC’s performance engineers can help you assess performance risks and using standard performance tools and monitoring frameworks can work with you to ensure your systems are responsive, stable, and ready for whatever is thrown at them so that your relationships, brand, and reputation are protected.

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Company Reduces Test Execution Time with Test Automation



A large sports apparel company aimed to introduce automation to their test environment to help increase test coverage and mitigate risk within their Dynamics 365 environment.



Client engaged TTC Global who leveraged Tricentis Retail Regression Suite for 750 test cases using the Tosca DEX (using Web UI, Desktop UI, Mobile UI, API/JSON/ODATA, PowerShell, VBScripts, C#).



Saw over 90% reduction in both manual testing costs and execution times. By implementing automation and streamlining testing processes, the organization has significantly cut down on expenses associated with manual labor and expedited the software development lifecycle.

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