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Change is inevitable. Everywhere we look technology is revolutionizing our lives. Software technology is also changing, not only in the way it is produced but also the methods of project management. Organizations that allow their software development practices to become outdated will almost certainly be left behind. We have seen first-hand the problems that can develop by using legacy infrastructure.

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Automated Software Testing Services

Lower costs, increase speed and improve quality.

TTC offers top-of-the-line automation consulting services that allow organizations to not only maximize their resources but also ensure quality outcomes for end users. Our team of experts utilizes best-in-market tools, frameworks, and techniques to help our clients achieve digital transformation automation simplifies end-to-end functional testing by automating tests across all layers of modern enterprise architectures. There are many benefits to be gained by implementing test automation.


  1. Switching from manual software testing practices to test automation means processes are expedited and issues are identified faster. The quality of software is greatly improved, and most clients report an overall reduction in project stress levels.

  2. Software design has leapt forward in recent years; the scale and scope of projects is worlds away from where it used to be. By automating testing, it can be conducted without the requirement for human intervention and therefore can increase the coverage that can be achieved.

  3. Test automation significantly decreases test execution time. The average reduction in time is 90%, which allows you to dramatically improve the overall duration of the SLDC and ultimately the speed to market for your software.

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