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Agile Testing and Consultancy

agile testing services

Agile testing is based on the project management principles of collaboration, transparency and communication. When developing a new product or program, the best outcomes are achieved when an entire team works within the Agile testing framework.

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Agile Testing and Consulting Services

Agile is often referred to as an "unstructured" method because changes can occur every time the team meets. We prefer the term "focused" because Agile incorporates the entire team's thinking to create one cohesive and ultimately successful project.

If you are operating under the traditional Waterfall method, switching to Agile can have its challenges. Our experts will work with you through the process of adopting and becoming Agile, introducing proven and trusted technical practices in a manner that motivates your people to transform and scale the business.

We’ll support your team to bring development programs or products to market in a collaborative way. An Agile state of thinking will be applied to eliminate bugs or performance issues before your software is released to the wider market.

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Going Agile with TTC

Our process in guiding you to Agile involves a research phase where we ask a lot of questions across your entire business, seeking to understand your current landscape. This includes goals and aspirations, bottlenecks, challenges, limitations and risks.

Once we have a strong picture of your organization, we work with you to develop a plan to implement and scale in an appropriate manner. We do this in an adaptive and pragmatic way so that risks are either reduced or eliminated altogether.

Thereafter, we seek to facilitate the delivery of projects and business values and empower your teams with the techniques and tools they need to continue evolving well into the future. The Agile principles we instill will ensure your long-term organizational goals are achieved through improved speed to market and encouragement of continuous delivery.

We provide Agile:

  • Mentoring
  • Coaching
  • Scrum master roles
  • Consultancy

The Principles of Agile

  1. Agile is an attitude, not a rule.
  2. Business values are delivered transparently so risks are reduced or eliminated.
  3. Grow and disperse within projects for happy and and empowered Agile-minded employees
  4. Facilitate team collaboration using direct communication.
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Effective Test Automation in An Agile World

Tricentis Tosca should be considered by enterprises that have struggled to make test automation work and are seeking to support Agile continuous automation practices.

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