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Test Automation Accelerator Packs

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We know there are huge benefits to automating software testing processes. But like all processes, test automation needs to be set up through creation of core test assets. For a typical organization, developing a fulsome suite of test cases can take around three months. While this is time well-spent, it does mean there is a lead time to becoming fully automated.

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Test Automation Accelerator Packs

Jump Start Test Automation

Accelerator packs are pre-packaged test cases developed for a range of applications for testing with Tricentis Tosca. Requiring little to no customization, you simply add your business data, adjust the individually automated test sequences and you’re automated.

The plug and play nature of accelerator packs means you will reduce your test automation implementation time by approximately 75%.

Tricentis Tosca is the market-leading continuous testing platform. It offers the industry’s most innovative functional testing technologies that have proven to break through the barriers experienced with traditional software testing tools.

For the past three years, TTC has been awarded the Tricentis APAC and US Implementation Partner of the Year. We lead the industry in the deployment and ongoing management of Tosca.

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Available Accelerator Packs


IBM Maximo




Oracle JDE



Non-Tricentis Accelerator Pack

How You Can Benefit from Accelerator Packs

  1. By 75% (approximately 3 months down to 4 weeks)
  2. 80%+ for standard transactions
  3. Less time to get set up
  4. No additional people required to set up core test assets
  5. Start continuous testing faster

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