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Test Automation Framework Enhances Software Testing Coverage in Manufacturing

TTC facilitates manufacturers by providing testing services and solutions with fast time-to-market strategies. The manufacturing and supply chain ecosystem is experiencing an operational paradigm shift in response to increasing consumer expectations, time to market, and global competition directed by technology disruptions. With our Test Automation services, we help incorporate and accelerate the software testing process, making sure that the clients are able to meet customer demands and increase profits. Our team of software testing professionals have extensive experience in providing Quality Assurance in the manufacturing domain.

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TTC understands that manufacturing software testing is critical for those industries with higher capital costs and greater usage of resources and facilities than typical companies. Additionally, heavy industry and manufacturing firms face unique logistics issues while maximizing efficiency.

All are dependent on supply chain logistics to operate their businesses efficiently. The “right” amount of inventory at each stage with accurate demand forecasting requires maintaining balance while avoiding logistical errors. These processes are all supported by software. TTC works to ensure that the software used is accurate while minimizing Non-Productive-Time (NPT).

TTC’s career testers with experience in Manufacturing domain help you overcome common obstacles in areas such as Production Planning & Scheduling, Track & Trace Read, and MES/Shop Floor Execution. Our test automation framework helps enhance reusability & improves test coverage by identifying critical features & functionality.

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