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End-to-End Software Testing Services for Insurance Providers

In the insurance industry, frequent changes in regulations needing business model adaptations impact time to market for new products and services. In addition, legacy insurance applications and their integration with new technologies, risk and cost of non-compliance, customer dissatisfaction, and risk of downtime, present significant challenges.

TTC's insurance industry clients include large and small enterprises across the globe. Our strong insurance software testing team with their associated insurance domain knowledge in software testing and technology expertise offers a multitude of software testing services and quality assurance in the insurance industry.

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Insurance is a broad industry covering health, personal property, liability, automobiles, mortgages and more. With such a wide range, some companies specialize while others offer comprehensive product offerings. TTC has accumulated expert domain knowledge in software testing and have mastered key points that are important for effective QA and insurance application testing.

Software testing and application testing within the insurance domain is like any other domain specific related quality assurance work. You really need to understand business rules in developing thorough test cases and in prioritizing the test strategy, functional testing, and test automation approaches.

We have been working with insurance software vendors to provide quality assurance and testing of their insurance software solutions, supporting them with independent third party testing and access to quality assurance thought leadership, resulting in faster time to market and improved software quality.

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