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Quality Conversations Podcast

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Join the Quality Conversations video series as we explore the ins and outs of software testing alongside a diverse cast of subject matter experts. Our hosts take listeners on an immersive journey through insightful interviews that shed light on testing best practices, common challenges, and upcoming shifts in the Quality Assurance/Quality Engineering industry.
17 September 2022

EP 1: Quality is a Team Sport

In the inaugural episode of TTC’s Quality Conversa

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7 December 2022

EP 2: A Holistic View on Quality Engineering

In the second episode of TTC’s Quality Conversatio

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16 March 2023

EP 3: The Shift Towards SRE

In the third episode of TTC’s Quality Conversation

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18 July 2023

EP4: Open-Source Testing and Shifting Up

TTC's General Manager for Client Services Mei Reye

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13 September 2023

EP 5: Why Digital Accessibility Matters

Join us for an inspiring discussion on why digital

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6 February 2024

EP 6: Quality Leadership & Delivery

Our sixth episode of the Quality Conversation Podc

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