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Service Virtualization

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To successfully execute automated testing, all of the dependent applications need to be available with the right functionality, configuration, and test data. More often than not, this simply is not possible. Particularly within larger enterprises where the average application has over 50 dependencies and obtaining and configuring the test data for a single test can take weeks.

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Service Virtualization Consulting

Service Virtualization is a method of emulating the behavior of specific components within applications that are unable to be tested. It provides test teams a way to test components that are difficult-to-access, unreliable, incomplete, or evolving, available only in limited capacity, simultaneously required by a different team or too restrictive/costly for automated regression testing.

service virtualization consulting

Enable CI and Continuous Testing for Even the Most Challenging Systems

Because Service Virtualization involves the creation of a virtual test asset, testers are able to test only the dependent application components. This means that testing is optimized for the appropriate dependency behavior and test data each time without testers needing to wait for the application to become available.

With Service Virtualization we can:

  • Test more frequently
  • Undertake more targeted testing that enables greater cost efficiencies
  • Test applications that would otherwise be unavailable

The Key Benefits of Service Virtualization

  1. While the targeted nature of testing with Service Virtualization means only what needs to be tested is tested, there are also cost savings to be gained when testing applications that interact with third-party services where access/transaction fees may be applicable. Emulating the behavior to be tested with Service Virtualization means these fees can be bypassed.
  2. The nature of software development in the modern world means speed is mission critical. Service Virtualization enables testing to take place in parallel to development for applications that are still evolving or not yet implemented. Defects are exposed early and able to be fixed at a time when the costs to do so are at their lowest.

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