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End-to-End Software Testing Services for Leading Nonprofit Organizations

An effective website and functional mobile apps are critical to enhance your connection with your audience. Multi-channel platforms help you engage and improve your relationship and experience with the public, but developing and maintaining software and learning platforms is complex, resource intensive, and expensive. TTC understands that every dollar counts, and our QA team provides an efficient approach to higher quality software, mobile applications, and website.

I Stock 1199705901

We have extensive experience with QA for marketing and fundraising drives, social network integration, community groups, and registration. When you expect peak loads, either seasonally or from marketing initiatives, be sure your site can handle them. Our web and mobile app testing checks for degraded performance under high loads, as well as for maximum loads. TTC’s QA engineers know which aspects of your site will benefit from automated testing, which won’t, and how to build and maintain the right mix of automated and manual testing. We verify that content accessibility, user interaction, control functions and third-party service APIs all operate flawlessly.

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