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TTC’s Playwright Upskilling Journey

At TTC, we embody the ethos of continuous learning and improvement, not only by staying ahead of technological trends through robust training programs like our recent focus on Playwright, but also by fostering a culture of shared knowledge and professional growth among our consultants.

Mei Reyes2
  • Mei Reyes-Tsai
  • 15 April 2024

One of the key principles of TTC as an organisation is continuous learning and improvements. As a testing consultancy, we must be across the past, present, and future technologies so that we can offer the best testing solution and approach to our clients.

We do this through our continuous learning initiatives such as lunch and learn and TTC community collaboration sessions – where we share knowledge on new technologies, our experiences, and lessons learned from our client engagements. We also have our own Udemy subscription and we created learning pathways for our consultants such as testing fundamentals, test automation and performance testing, advanced technical testing techniques, and test architecture – besides our partnership training pathways with Tricentis, OpenText, Leapwork, among others.

We have also begun having internal trainings as part of our continuous capability-building activities – such as our graduate programme, and now, Playwright Fundamentals.

Playwright is the (relatively) new kid on the Open-Source automation block – first introduced in 2020 – and is easily one of the most lightweight but feature-packed frameworks out there. It provides the ability to automate browser tasks in Chromium, Firefox, and WebKit with a single API. This allows test automation engineers to create reliable end-to-end tests that can run in non-headless mode, as well as in headless mode for automation.

Since its inception, Playwright has been actively maintained and has seen rapid growth and adoption in the web testing community – our consultants have had a number of engagements where we implemented Playwright, and we have even shared our learning journey at one of our test meetups (more information here).

Recently, we have done an internal 3-day course for our technical test automation engineers who has mostly worked on Selenium and TOSCA. Led by our Playwright SMEs, Ashish and Chandrakant, we have taught them Typescript as a programming language and all things Playwright: UI and API automation, advanced Playwright features, with a lot of demos and hands-on exercises that they can learn from, and most importantly, best practices and standards from our own experiences from client engagements where we have used Playwright. Our engineers were really engaged in these sessions and very happy with the training – it was a great session with a lot of curious minds, and most importantly, they have learned how to automate using Playwright and maximise its features.

And as part of our continuous improvements, we also sent out surveys to our attendees and gathered their feedback so we can improve our training materials and delivery. Some snippets of the feedback:

If you’re not aware, our team is continuously building our accelerator frameworks and one of these include Playwright. We are definitely excited that we have more engineers getting more and more familiar with Playwright, and are contributing to our accelerator frameworks and capabilities.

We as an organisation have always been proud of being able to continuously upskill our consultants – and we believe this is a great differentiator that we have. If you or your team are interested in a customised and tailored training on Playwright or any other tooling, please contact us. We’d be happy to help!