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A Recap of the Ministry of Testing Auckland’s October Meetup

Mei Reyes2b
  • Mei Reyes
  • 29 November 2022

Last month, TTC’s Global Open-Source Practice hosted Ministry of Testing (MoT) Auckland’s October meetup. Out of the 60 registered attendees, a total of 40 people attended the event. In today’s “new normal” of mostly-remote working, gathering 40+ like-minded individuals was a big success, and we were delighted with the turnout.

Our CEO, Paul Whiston, kicked the event off with a warm welcome before giving a quick introduction about TTC. Three members of our staff who specialize in open source then gave their insights on the following test automation topics:

  1. Transitioning from Selenium-Java to Playwright-JavaScript
  2. Working with Big Data
  3. A new Platform for Creating and Sharing Test Code

Transitioning from Selenium-Java to Playwright-JavaScript

Ashish Dote talked about his experience in moving from Selenium-Java to Playwright-JavaScript, primarily focusing on how he was able to easily shift to using Playwright after having been a test automation engineer using Selenium for 6 years. He also provided comparisons between the two frameworks. Ashish’s presentation is linked here.

Working with Big Data

Pavel Marunin discussed the best practices for implementing an open-source database ETL test automation framework for complex big data validation – specifically on efficiently accessing multiple relational databases and SQL result set comparison at a scale. His presentation is linked here.

A New Platform for Creating and Sharing Test Code

Aleksey Agapov talked about the up-and-coming Open-Source test automation service "Vavanya" - where they are developing a breakthrough platform for testing that is visual, modern, and highly productive. The platform allows you to create and share libraries of building blocks and tests. During the meetup, they provided an overview on the platform and a quick demo. Presentation is linked here.

This event was co-hosted by Mei Reyes, our Head of Global Open-Source Practice Capability and Senior Manager-Client Delivery in Auckland, and Raj Uppadhyay, Countdown’s Chapter Lead and MoT committee member. The meetup had a lot of good interactions and questions from the attendees, and it was a great opportunity for the Auckland testing community to meet, discuss, and share ideas. We’d like to thank MoT Auckland for allowing us to host their meetup, along with our awesome staff for sharing their knowledge to the testing community.

Watch out for more meetups and events by our Global Open-Source Practice. If you are interested in attending future meetups or events, be sure to stay up to date with our events page. If you are keen to present a topic, please contact us.