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Tosca Test Engineers Meetup in Auckland

Absence makes the heart grow fonder. We had the opportunity to test this with the restart of the Tosca Test Engineers Meetup – Auckland after delays caused by COVID restrictions on gatherings.

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  • Shane Ross
  • 18 September 2022

Thursday 8th August saw the re-start of the Tosca Test Engineers meetups in Auckland. It was always going to be a litmus test for face-to-face meetups post Covid. Video conferencing is now the norm, many are still working from home and Auckland does have a huge spread of suburbs that people must travel from. It was always going to be an interesting exercise to see if there was still an appetite for the Tosca community to meet in person to hear from presenters, meet and exchange views and ideas, and enjoy some food and drink while doing so. 31 registrations and 25 attendees were a good indication that face-to-face meets are still being supported. Seeing people mix and mingle during the registration and post presentation drinks and nibbles networking sessions was very much a confirmation that people see value in meeting, talking and sharing ideas.

Compilation of Pictures from the Tosca Test Engineers Meetup

Following from the Tosca Test Engineers Meetup – Wellington on the 6th September, it was great to host again people from Tricentis – both in person and virtually. With the recent changes in the Tricentis APAC team and appointment of new roles to focus on the New Zealand market we were pleased to welcome both David Haines and Ron Impey of Tricentis to the event. It was a good opportunity for both to meet the local community, as well as for David to provide a brief update both on recent local changes at Tricentis, and his new role.

The meetup featured three presentations, designed to appeal to those new / considering Tosca, those already using Tosca and those wanting to get an idea of the upcoming changes in the Tosca functions. They were:

  • Learning Tosca – experiences with the online training and shift from online training to real world use. TTC’s own Ian Kim presented on his journey from starting with TTC and being intimidated with Tosca through to now using Tosca on a client site for test automation <link to presentation>.
  • Tosca working within a complex programme environment – SAP Implementation for Mitre 10. Brendon Russell presented on the Mitre 10 SAP environment and the role of Tosca-based test automation to reduce testing costs and decrease testing duration, while increasing SAP test coverage <link to presentation>.
  • Tosca Dashboards – new in Tosca 15.2. Gunjan Shrestha walked the meetup through the design purpose and use of the new customisable Tosca Dashboards as released with Tosca v15.2. A significant upgrade over the reporting available in earlier versions of Tosca <link to presentation>.

The Auckland Tosca Test Engineers meetup continued TTC’s investment in and focus on growing and informing the local Tosca community. The meetups are a no-sales gathering of those interested in, using and managing users of Tricentis Tosca. Our next meetup is loosely scheduled for February / March 2023. If you are keen to present a topic, please let us know <contact us>.