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Test Professionals Meetup in Taranaki Recap

Reducing Waste in Testing and Automation - Checking is Not Testing

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  • Shane Ross
  • 23 August 2022

After what seems like a COVID-19 enforced eternity since our last face to face meetup, the Taranaki Test Professional community gathered again to meet and exchange their thoughts on software testing with the region. For this event, Dawn Hall was the guest presenter. Lean Testing was the topic. And the topic resonated well with those that attended. One of the realities of current testing techniques and practices is the amount of overhead that seems to exist. Dawn’s presentation focused on a couple of key items:

  • The Value of Testing is in Actually Testing: So why are there so many activities that take test professionals away from the work of actually testing.
  • Focus on What You are Automating: Machines do checking, people do testing. Automate the checking to free up time for people to do the testing.

Compilation of Pictures from the Taranaki Test Professionals Meetup

Dawn delivered a cut down version of her two-day course on Lean Testing, and challenged those present to imagine a world where testers didn’t use a test script – and didn’t suffer the cognitive blindness that a test script can often introduce. The presentation (available here) generated a lot of questions and plenty of discussion over drinks and nibbles at the end of the session. The Test Professionals Meetup was a great opportunity for the community to meet, discuss and share ideas. Our next one will be held just before the Christmas break. If you are interested in attending future meetups or events, be sure to stay up to date with our events page.