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Taranaki Test Professionals Meetup

Kicking it up a gear – Workshop on Auditable and Traceable Testing without writing a Test Script.

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  • Shane Ross
  • 13 September 2023

The Taranaki Software Test Professionals are a keen bunch; keen to make testing work for those who are managing the software life cycle as well as for those who are using the system under test. The reality though is that testing can be a bottleneck to both. Removing that bottleneck takes the pressure off the testing team.

So, for this meetup, we workshopped how that can be done.

The premise on offer to those that attended was a bit of hands-on fun that showed guests how you can record testing and how the recording can be used to:

  • Create an auditable and traceable record of your testing.
  • Generate documentation for your testing (that can also be used as a training guide for the application).
  • Be a basis for test automation.
  • Not have to write a test script 😊

The Meetup was configured with laptops that those attending could use for a hands-on session (doing is believing – right?).

And they all did the doing.

Taranaki Test Professionals Meetup1

The presenter – TTC’s Dawn Hall - delivered a solid workshop. Everyone at the session completed their own test scenario – neatly documented as both test scripts and user guides – with various comments about how much time could have been saved if they only knew about this a few months ago. From opening the application to delivering a documented test result, it took as little as 15 minutes. Many did more than one given the ease.😊 And as some of you found out perhaps a little too late, there was no need to spend that time creating and documenting all those test cases – or paying for that training guide and user documentation to be done. Some of the outputs from the session were:

The workshop was conducted using the Tricentis qTest offering – a huge thanks to Tricentis for their support in enabling this workshop to happen.