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SAP Test Automation Meetup in Tauranga

Featuring Ballance, Tauranga City Council, and Zespri

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  • Shane Ross
  • 10 August 2023

Sponsored by Tricentis and well supported by the Tauranga SAP community, three key Bay of Plenty organisations came together to discuss and compare their testing approaches with their SAP platforms and associated upgrades over a well-stocked breakfast at one very cool location at Classic Flyers Café.

Interestingly, each of the three organisations, Zespri, Tauranga City Council and Ballance, had very similar testing technology in place – SAP LiveCompare and Tosca. Tauranga City Council presented their story of a significant reduction in test scope with a Risk Based Testing approach informed by SAP LiveCompare. In addition, Ballance advised of their fully automated SAP regression suite, and Zespri shared lessons learned about the value of test automation in reducing the cost and duration of testing – and increasing the frequency that tests are executed.

Despite these similarities in their testing journeys, all three organisations found differences in the way that they had approached their testing, ranging from differences at a governance level through to testing and development pipeline management and triggering test execution. There was a good level of discussion comparing the areas that were the same and analysing the differences in each approach, discussions that are set to continue well beyond the breakfast meet that was had.

There is real value in getting the user community together to talk first hand about their lived experiences and this was very much reinforced in the breakfast session today. Each organisation was able to talk to the value that they were getting from the combination of SAP and Tricentis tooling in the area of testing. Collectively, they provided great examples of how the combination of SAP and Tricentis is used to deliver gains in test frequency, reductions in test costs, and efficiency in test duration. All three organisations are looking forward to getting more value in this space.