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IDC Vendor Spotlight ft. TTC

Enabling Digital Innovation with Continuous Testing Services

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  • Daisy Wang
  • 3 March 2021

In this IDC Vendor Spotlight titled “Enabling Digital Innovation with Continuous Testing Services", Melinda Ballou, Research Director at IDC specializing in Agile ALM, Quality, and Portfolio Strategies, explores successful adoption strategies for continuous testing and how it demands a primary focus on cultural, organizational, and process change.

With shifting business needs and increasing digital innovation, organizational demand for continuous testing and adaptive quality and testing strategies is growing. However, successful adoption requires both cultural and technological change within an organization. As a result, those looking to do so should engage with testing service providers, such as TTC, who incorporate robust domain knowledge alongside an empathetic, contextual approach for systemic process adoption. Key benefits from doing so include faster application responsiveness to changing business demands, cutting costs by “shifting left”, and creating efficiencies of scale.

According to IDC research, 80% of organizations are currently engaging in DevOps initiatives, but the road to adoption isn’t always seamless. Enterprises’ need to modernize legacy applications in the wake of a digitization rush catalyzed by the pandemic combined with top bottlenecks to execution and DevOps, such as lack of automation, manual testing, and inconsistent usage, have created increased organizational complexities that service providers can help mitigate through a broad portfolio of automation tools while subsequently increasing efficiency.

TTC, a testing service provider founded in 2004, is no exception when it comes to the advantages cited by IDC to utilizing service providers. TTC customers have identified “contextualized approaches to process, cultural, and organizational change and the ability of the company of the company to engage, listen, empathize, and adapt services to specific needs in the organization for workflows and processes” as strategic TTC advantages. Given new trends and necessary business objectives that have emerged from recent global events, organizations can see transformative benefits from collaborating with providers now more than ever, enabling the transition to quality, consistent software deployment and testing.

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