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TTC Announces Appointment of Global Accessibility Practice Lead

This appointment will allow TTC to further expand its capabilities and commitment towards providing accessibility solutions.

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  • Daisy Wang
  • 17 March 2021

Sydney, Australia | March 17, 2021 –

TTC, a leader in software quality assurance, is pleased to announce the appointment of Samantha Dancey as its Global Accessibility Practice Lead based out of Australia. As a respected and experienced figure in the disability, diversity, and inclusion community, she brings deep consulting knowledge from guiding organizations in their accessibility strategies and goals. With this new addition and initiative, TTC will further expand its capabilities and commitment towards providing accessibility solutions for all.

“Having Samantha on board is a really exciting development for us as we continue to build upon our accessibility practices,” said Kerry Butler, General Manager at TTC Australia. “Alongside our partner UsableNet, we’re now able to create even more unique E2E diversity, inclusion, and accessibility market offerings with Samantha leading the way at TTC.”

Prior to joining TTC, Dancey has held a variety of diversity consultancy roles within the financial services and non-profit industries, ultimately allowing her to continually develop a specialization in access and inclusion throughout her career. She most recently comes from the Australian Network on Disability, where she has spoken at numerous international conferences and worked extensively in leadership positions such as Consultancy and Projects Lead and Senior Relationship Manager.

“Being able to create impactful accessibility initiatives which lead to better inclusion for all is something I’m extremely passionate about,” said Dancey. “Having the opportunity to do so at TTC, an organization that already proactively prioritizes service offerings to create equitable experiences for clients and users across the board, is thrilling. I’m very much looking forward to the journey moving forward to further cement TTC’s footprint in this space.”

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