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Covid-19 Response Update from TTC NZ - April 7th

Weekly update on covid-19 from TTC NZ for 7th of April

TTC Asia Pac Shane Ross
  • Shane Ross
  • 7 April 2020

A bit over two weeks into the formal lockdown for New Zealand. From conversations with many clients as a community we seem to be settling into the new normal. Video conferences are the new norm - it is even part of my teenager’s vocabulary as they now work with online delivery of school lessons. Home bandwidth is being hit hard though. Adding to the thanks that we give to the health workers and essential workers credit must also go to the team at Chorus that are maintaining our comms infrastructure and the various ISP's that offer services over this.

Following on from the initiatives that we announced in our last newsletter TTC is kicking off the community meetups that we started in 2019 - with an online delivery model:

  • The Tosca Test Managers meetup is set for April 21st. The topic is Distributed Execution. The purpose of the meet is to support the community of those that manage teams of test automation engineers that use Tosca. It is a ‘no sales’ meetup – the focus is on us supporting the Tosca Test Manager community network, share ideas, share IP and where beneficial – collaborate. One of our clients will present on the topic – setup, running, team structure to support. This is the first meet for 2020. For those of you that haven’t attended before we had four in 2019 (2x Wellington, 2x Auckland).
  • The Tauranga Test meetup is set for April 15th. We will run the event as a round table first across all organisations in the room with an open discussion to follow.

Email me if you are interested in knowing more about these.We have had clients requesting information on training and certification options for staff during this time. Our partner Tricentis has a number of free online certification courses available:

The Tricentis RPA Design Studio is a licence-free software package that allows you to design, build and execute bots from your desktop. If you are looking to cross-train your Test Automation team during these times, it would be worth a look. Tricentis themselves are offering a number of their courses free until 30th April. The full list of Tricentis Academy course can be seen here.

Easter break this weekend. Hopefully a chance to put the screens away and focus on the family. All the best to you and your teams during this time. If any of the above sparks questions let me know - happy to help.