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TTC Helps Z Energy Solve Business Problems with Robotic Software

TTC enables Z Energy to move through the Quality Maturity Matrix using RPA

TTC Asia Pac Shane Ross
  • Shane Ross
  • 20 March 2020

Z Energy is a major player in New Zealand’s retail energy supply environment. To Z, fuel supply is a by-product of a greater goal - ‘solving what matters for a moving world’. Z has a cultural commitment to a dynamic, flexible and experimental approach to innovation and a desire to stand out in an industry that is pretty famous for being the same. Z supplies fuel to retail customers and commercial customers ranging from SME to large customers including airlines, trucking companies, and vehicle fleet operators. Customer Experience is what Z lives and breathes, together with a real drive to support the aspirations and achievements of people who need it in the community.

In 2019 and as part of an effort to provide a greater level of service and flexibility to commercial customers, Z were putting the final touches to a significant upgrade of their commercial customer fuel card eco system. This involved integrating two separate fuel card systems (Caltex and Z) into one, migrating the data into a single upgraded fuel card system and enhancing their online experiences. Minimising the impact to their commercial customers was critical during this transition, as was the speed and the accuracy of the migration.

Commercial Fuel Cards are significantly more complex than other credit and purchasing cards as the overall solution holds complex pricing offers that can be segment specific, customer specific, or include several other complexities that are agreed on an individual customer basis. To take two of these legacy systems, often relating to the same customer, and merge the two meant that this could not be a simple migration of data - it became a complex transition of customer data.

The Fuel Card upgrade project was important to Z in terms of creating a platform that provided the opportunity and flexibility to offer more to their Commercial customers enabling easy access to the breadth of the Z fuel network. Although important this could not come at the expense of impacting the day to day operations of their customers.

Making this significant change was not taken lightly by Z, more so when one of your key differentiators is Customer Experience.

The customer transition had to be quick, simple, accurate and easy, plus it had to allow for time for each customer to receive their new cards and use them before closing off their old cards. This meant it could not be an overnight migration of data; to migrate one customer through their full transition journey would take weeks of careful management. The first thought was that this transition would literally have to be done manually by a huge team of people.

And that’s when the Z’s cultural commitment to innovation kicked in. Could robotic software be the answer?

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