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LiveCompare for SAP Testing

SAP livecompare consulting

Many businesses perform mission critical operations on the enterprise platform, SAP. In most instances this requires upgrades to be able to optimally maintain your operations. Tricentis LiveCompare can help enable fast, low-cost, and safe upgrades for customer releases, support packs, enhancement packs, and SAP transformations. Through the use of this impact analysis tool, users can enable a risk-based approach to testing that has been proven to cut the test scope by 85%.

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Upgrades Made Easy with LiveCompare

LiveCompare's benchmark studies show that 28% of business process functionality is custom. Custom code grows in complexity making it hard to change, hard to test and hard to support. For upgrades, LiveCompare finds:

  • The custom code that will break
  • The duplicates to eliminate
  • The clones to return to standard
  • The unused objects to retire
  • The complex custom code to refactor
  • The insecure custom code
  • The slow code and all the out-of-date code.

SAP LiveCompare Consulting

Impact analysis can help achieve greater operational excellence. This is done by giving teams greater transparency and analytics into their testing and quality efforts.

The classic approach is to test everything. At best this means run all the tests that are documented, which is different to testing the impacted functionality. This explains why so many go-live events experience a large number of high priority issues. LiveCompare’s analysis tells us what to test, why to test, what can be tested and where there are gaps.

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TTC, in collaboration with Tricentis offers a two day LiveCompare assessments to showcase tool capabilities and help clients find possible gaps in their operations. Great for organizations embarking on SAP migrations!

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