EP 7: A Diversity & Inclusion Journey | TTC Global

EP 7: A Diversity & Inclusion Journey

About the Episode

On Episode 7 of TTC Global's Quality Conversations podcast, we delve into the heart of workplace dynamics and initiatives shaping our company culture. Our hosts sit down with Clarissa Roberson, TTC Americas People & Performance Manager, and Tai Moananu, TTC Human Resources Manager, to explore the transformative journey of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) within TTC. Clarissa and Tai unpack the essence of DEI and share personal insights driving the inception of TTC Global's DEI program, highlighting the pivotal role of leadership support and employee engagement. From navigating multicultural nuances in New Zealand to fostering global collaboration, they illuminate the program's impact on employee satisfaction, recruitment, and client engagement. Tune in to gain insights into how TTC Global champions diversity and inclusion, and learn how you can enhance workplace culture in your organization.

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