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Quality Engineering (QE) is more than software testing or test automation; it is a key component of modern software development methodologies that emphasizes the importance of holistic testing throughout the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). QE is one of TTC Global’s core outcome-driven digital transformation services that delivers high-quality software products and integrated solutions.

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For over 20 years, TTC Global has delivered exceptional Quality Engineering services for clients across industries, sizes, and organizational structures. Our proficiency encompasses a broad spectrum of services, ranging from quality transformation to the implementation and management of Testing Centers of Excellence (TCoE). Our team possesses a deep understanding of diverse testing practices and specialized resources dedicated to various industries and cutting-edge technologies.

Our QE engagements include the successful delivery of Quality Maturity Assessments and software testing services that have further solidified our reputation as a trusted partner in Quality Engineering.

Our Solutions

Our Quality Engineering specialists bring a wealth of experience in testing diverse software systems across various industries. Our QE services are designed to analyze the processes involved in the software development lifecycle, thus enabling organizations to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their business operations. By adopting a holistic approach to software quality and leveraging specialized testing practices, our QE solutions ensure that our clients benefit from effectively managed and reduced risks.

Quality Transformation

Our Quality Transformation services cover a range of offerings that focus on enhancing the quality of your test environment. Through our tailored approach, we help our clients not only identify growth areas, but devise a strategies for improvement. Our offerings include a
comprehensive Quality Maturity Assessments, IT Transformation Roadmaps, Organizational & Operational Change Management, and Test Service Business Case Modeling.

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Testing as a Service

Testing as a Service (TaaS) provides organizations with significant opportunity to deploy testing into their environments without having to scale up headcount and its associated logistics. With TaaS, you can utilize our world-class testing capability on demand or as scheduled via a resourcing program that flexes around your individual organizational needs.

Our team also excels in Test Scope Optimization through risk-based testing techniques, resource utilization optimization, test design optimization, and strategic test automation scope optimization.

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Automated Software Testing

TTC Global offers top-of-the-line automation consulting services that allow organizations to not only maximize their resources but also ensure quality outcomes for end users. Our team of experts utilizes best-in-market tools, frameworks, and techniques to help our clients achieve digital transformation automation simplifies end-to-end functional testing by automating tests across all layers of modern enterprise architectures. There are many benefits to be gained by implementing test automation.

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Performance Engineering

Performance Engineering enables the tester to ascertain the speed, stability, and scalability of the application or service, which is vital to providing an exceptional user experience. We are here to work with you to ensure your systems are responsive, stable, and ready for whatever is thrown at them so that your relationships, brand, and reputation are protected.

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Energy Company Transforms Software Quality and Reduces Cost



TTC was engaged by a $30 billion+ Oil & Gas company to conduct a Quality Maturity Assessment, Planning, and on-going Quality Managed Service for their software systems including SAP.



Our team assessed their current Software Quality Maturity and established a Centralized Software Quality Center of Excellence with Industry Best Practices and Tooling.



Today, projects across the organization are utilizing the new Software Quality CoE & methodology. This initiative has reduced costs by 90% and increased overall project quality by over 85%.

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