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EP 3: The Shift Towards SRE

About the Episode

In the third episode of TTC’s Quality Conversations podcast, hosts Chris Rolls and Nate Custer speak with Stephen Townshend, Observability and SRE Advocate at SquaredUp. Our industry is full of buzzwords and exaggerations, it can be hard to know what is real or not. Stephen aims to call out when something is too good to be true. He also strives to take complex technical and socio-technical concepts and to simplify and present them in a way everyone can understand and apply. This attitude is a major driver for our third episode and invites intriguing and engaging conversation about the SRE space. Stephen worked as a performance engineer for thirteen years before transitioning into the world of site reliability engineering (SRE). He’s worked as both an external consultant and internal engineer, and has been blogging and speaking at events for many years.

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