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Wellington Tosca Test Managers Meet-up

We held the first Tosca Test Managers meet up in Wellington, NZ. It was a great success!

TTC Asia Pac Shane Ross
  • Shane Ross
  • 28 June 2019

One of the (many) unique advantages of adopting commercially available test automation tools is the ability to form and make use of a community – for ideas sharing, co-planning, lobbying or even just plain old comparing what you are doing. With a bit of Tosca critical user mass in New Zealand, TTC initiated the first Tosca Test Managers meetup, in Wellington on Tuesday 25th June, following on from the first in Wellington two weeks before.

Given it was the first meeting, the session adopted a Lean Coffee approach to agenda setting, designed to draw out topics of interest to the group. After an appropriate amount of nibbles and refreshments together with a stand up introduction session the sharpies and post-it pads were distributed and the group got working. The topics were wide and varying and once groomed, the topic of CI/CD pipelines was the first one selected. That alone dominated discussion for much of the scheduled one hour time slot.

A key part of setting up communities like this is making sure that the events are community focused. TTC was stoked to provide the initiative to set up the meet, and provide the location, drinks and nibbles Outside of that, TTC took a back seat at the discussions and let the conversation roll between the Test Managers that attended. Notes were taken – as well as an action list to take to Tricentis. It was good to see the conversation flow freely and openly across the table.

Closing out the session, permission was obtained for email addresses and other contact details to be shared. The next meet was set down for Tuesday 24th September. In between times there was much encouragement within the group to catch up having now met and exchanged ideas.