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TTC AU Celebrates 3 Year Anniversary

Reflecting on the Journey so far and Looking Towards the Future

Kim Watson
  • Kim Conway
  • 6 March 2023

Our Journey So Far

TTC Australia turned 3 last month, and what a journey it has been. Our office in Australia originally launched right at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic back in 2020, and despite the challenges of starting a business during a time of such uncertainty, our office thrived. We’re extremely proud of not only the incredible team of 17 consultants that we’ve assembled, which include some of Australia’s very best and respected practitioners in their fields, but also the number of key clients and strategic partnerships developed during this time.

Over the last 3 years, we have seen tremendous growth in the number of clients that we work with which is a testament to the value that our delivery teams have brought. TTC Australia now provides services to 18 companies spanning the Banking & Finance, Insurance, Telecommunications, Energy, Government, Retail, Media, Transportation, and Technology sectors. We have multi-year Master Service Agreements with almost half of our customers, and we've been approved to supply services to Government at both the Federal and State level. In addition to having established our primary office in Sydney, we also have established a strong presence in Melbourne, Adelaide, and Australian Capital Territory (ACT).

Areas of Expertise

We have helped a number of our customers with their digital transformation journeys through thought leadership that brings tighter integration of development and testing practices and by utilising our Quality Maturity Assessment (QMA) to develop tailored, strategic roadmaps. Deploying experienced practitioners to assist in the management and delivery of key initiatives has significantly reduced the cost of testing by enabling our clients to deliver their software faster, with increased test coverage, and a significantly reduced risk profile.

We are also very proud to have established a market leading Digital Accessibility Practice that offers WCAG compliance audits, training, consulting and tooling solutions. Furthermore, our recently formed DevSecOps Practice is already being leveraged by a number of our customers. TTC Australia also continues to offer core delivery and staff augmentation services in the areas of Smart Automation, Security Testing, Test Management, and Non-Functional Testing.

Looking Ahead

We’re excited for what 2023 (and beyond) has in store. We’ve developed some incredible partnerships which complement our global expertise, and we continue to commit to the latest technologies to ensure we remain ahead of the curve on all things data and analytics. 2023 will see us grow further in Australia whilst leveraging our global expertise to build on our current consulting offerings and offer new service delivery solutions particularly in the DevSecOps space.

About TTC Global

TTC is a leading global software assurance provider with a focus on helping organisations transform the way they deliver technology. We have capabilities across a wide range of delivery areas that enable our clients to increase the speed and quality of technology development while reducing risk and cost. TTC was founded in 2004 to be a testing partner that could take global learnings and best practices and deliver them in a locally appropriate way. Fast forward nearly twenty years with offices in New Zealand, Australia, Asia, Americas and Europe along with strong partnerships with some of the world's largest organisations, this is still TTC's purpose today.