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Tricentis Tosca Server: Cloud or On-Premise

How to Determine Which Model is Best for You

Kayla Cropped
  • Kayla Hildebrandt
  • 22 April 2022

Tricentis offers two options to allow you to manage your Tricentis licensing: Tricentis hosted Cloud License Server or an On-Premises installed and managed License Server. When beginning your journey with Tricentis Tosca, it may not be clear which license structure will work best for your organization. In this blog post, I hope to share a summary of both options to make this decision a bit easier to make.

Tosca License Server: The difference between Cloud and On-Premise?

The architecture diagram from the 15.1 manual lists both the On-Premise and Cloud Host options under “License Tier” as part of the overall Tosca Architecture (in the lower left part of the diagram). The Tosca License Server is an application that you have the option of installing to manage concurrent licenses within your organization. This allows you to have an in-house server that manages licenses that are required by the Tosca Commander and other Tosca components. If you don’t wish to have an in-house hosted server and would prefer that Tricentis maintain this access, you can choose to log in to the Cloud Hosted License Server rather than maintain an in-house server.

Which is the right one for my organization?

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to selecting Cloud vs. On-Premise licensing, but each option has its own pros and cons.

Tricentis Cloud

An organization that would prefer the cloud license server over an On-Premise installation might be a company that wishes to reduce their installation and upgrade costs or just doesn’t wish to maintain an additional server as part of their infrastructure. Without any additional installation or configuration, the Tricentis Cloud offers insights to licenses automatically, and allow you to control who in a company has access to those licenses. Tricentis Cloud licensing specifically gives you more control over which users are allowed to access purchased licenses, where On-Premise licenses can be consumed by any user that is able to access the license server address.

On-Premise Installation

An organization that has infrastructure that blocks connections to Tricentis Cloud licenses should consider an On-Premise installed License Server. This will give you more control over the server and potential to customize for additional data and detail logging of how a team’s licenses are being consumed, however, comes at a cost of maintenance. Additionally, as mentioned in the previous section on the Tricentis Cloud, users have less control over who can access those licenses. Many organizations that have secure networks with limited external communication will likely be required to install their own License Server as part of their Tosca installation process.

How do I request Cloud or On-Premise licenses?

After completing your purchase of a Tricentis Tosca license, you should receive an email from Tricentis Support requesting additional information regarding the type of license delivery that you would prefer. Please respond to this support ticket letting Tricentis know your Cloud or On-Premise preference. Or, if working with TTC on an engagement, we can work with Tricentis to ensure delivery of the license type as well as assist any required installation of your Tricentis Tosca infrastructure. If you have questions or would like to discuss, contact