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Tauranga Test Professionals Meetup

First Time Presenters Make a Big Splash at the February 2023 Meetup

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  • Shane Ross
  • 4 April 2023

Possibly the best ever presentations that you can get for a community meetup are those from the actual community themselves. The Tauranga Test Professionals Meetup delivered on that at our event on Thursday 23rd February 2023.

Hosted by the Tauranga City Council at their Cameron Road premises, we had a great turnout with many of the local testing chapters across local organisations represented. The presenters were all up and coming test professionals from the local community, many of whom had been attending the Tauranga Test Professionals Meetup since our initial start back in 2019. We had two strands of presentations:

What was especially pleasing was that each of the presenters were delivering a presentation for the very first time, as part of their own personal development. That they did it at the meetup showed how the meetup community is seen to be a safe and supportive community for this type of personal growth.

Tauranga Test Professionals Meetup Collage

Following the test process sessions, Richard Roodt of PacificTech Solutions walked the attendees through the process and challenges of implementing change across an organisational team. Richard talked through his journey with implementing the shift from waterfall to DevOps together with a rationalisation of tooling <Link to Pacifictech-TGA-TestersMeetup-Feb.2023>. Richard gave us a good insight into the management of change – the challenges, the wins, and the planning required to deliver change successfully.

Combined, the presentations gave the community plenty to talk about in the drinks that followed the formal part of the meetup. Planning has already started for our next event with two more presenters from the local community volunteering to present at our next one, to be held around June / July 2023.