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TTC Announces Mid-Year Promotions for 2021

These promotions will help forge the path to leadership for seventeen individuals

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  • Amaka Egbe
  • 1 October 2021

Global | October 5, 2021 –

With a goal to remain the unrivaled leaders in improving software quality, it is no wonder that an organization such as TTC proudly maintains an outstanding workforce. This past September, TTC was pleased to offer promotions to sixteen members of their team during the mid-year cycle. These individuals demonstrated tremendous growth in the key areas that set TTC apart from delivering quality outcomes to ensuring that the culture remains rich, inclusive, and connected.

“Having such qualified members on our team truly is an honor,” states organization Founder & Director of Technology, Grant Borrie. “I’m both confident in their abilities and excited to see how they will continue to grow in their new positions.”

The slate of promotions includes consultants, senior consultants, principal consultants, managers, and a director. These individuals not only demonstrated a top tier work ethic, they showed their commitment to TTC’s goals. Having a like-minded team that stands by the overall purpose of TTC is integral to genuinely making a difference in their clients’ lives.

“These individuals hard work and dedication really proved they were ready to move forward. Promoting them just made sense,” states CEO of Americas, Chris Rolls. The promotions were publicly announced at a company-wide global all-hands meeting held in late September of 2021.

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