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Manawatu Software QA Professionals Meetup

The Software Quality Assurance Function – Enabling Businesses to Deliver

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  • Shane Ross
  • 19 October 2023

Ever wondered how the Software Quality Assurance function fits into an organisation’s overall strategy for delivering products and services to their market?

As Software Quality professionals, sometimes we are so focused on our own world that we run the risk of not seeing how we each contribute to the wider organisation's purpose. In this case, our 'world' is the application that we work on – the defects we identify and manage – and the release we are supporting to deliver.

For our October 2023 Manawatu Software Quality Assurance Professionals meetup, we took a step back from the tactical to view Software Quality Assurance from an organisational perspective. More specifically, we discussed how Software Quality Assurance fit into the digital delivery process and how it contributed to an organisation's purpose and mission. Our presentations covered the role (and value) that Software Quality Assurance plays in the overall delivery of business services.

First up, the team from FMG presented their Team Strategy on a Page. Against the context of FMG’s purpose to ‘provide a better deal for rural New Zealand’, the presentation traced a direct link from the FMG values – ‘We are in it together’, ‘Do what is right’, ‘Make it happen’ and ‘Proud of who we are’ – through to the Business Information System’s Quality Principles – ‘Quality is everyone’s responsibility’, We “shift left” wherever possible’, ‘We use a risk-based approach’ and ‘We will use a user-centric context driven approach’.

As a result, FMG has created a culture where (1) quality is everyone’s responsibility and (2) continuous improvement has become a way of working that supports the FMG vision of ‘Helping to build strong and prosperous rural communities’. This linkage between organisational values and the culture of quality is building a strong and prosperous Software Quality Assurance community within FMG.

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This was followed by an overview of the business operation and the key role of Software Quality Assurance within Toyota New Zealand. Tom Quelch presented both the overview of Toyota New Zealand's presence in the market and the current forces creating real disruption in the market within which Toyota New Zealand operates. Changes in our mobility patterns and the rapid introduction of electrification are having a significant impact on our relationship with our vehicles. The increasing rate of change is driving the need to accelerate digital delivery within Toyota New Zealand, and the Testing Function needs to adapt as well, enabling quicker and more agile ways of digital delivery. As with FMG, the need to have quality principles embedded in the digital delivery is driving the need for the Software Quality Assurance function to be involved much earlier in the digital delivery process – Shift Left is the focus. And similar to FMG, recognition that quality is an organisational focus.

Having both of these significant New Zealand businesses headquartered in Palmerston North is evidence of the technical and innovative hub that Palmerston North is. These organisations share their views on how the Software Quality Assurance function directly contributes to and supports the business purpose and mission providing leading examples of how important and valuable an effective Software Quality Assurance function is.

Our next meetup is scheduled for February 2024. We look forward to seeing the community together again then.