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Dive Deeper into Accessible Design

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  • Simone Wisniewski
  • 24 May 2024

WCAG Workshop for Designers

Want to dive deeper into the world of accessibility as a designer? Go beyond the basics and learn the relevant requirements as set out in the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and how they apply to digital design. In this workshop, discover the specific requirements from WCAG that are relevant to design and how and when these can be incorporated into your work.

This training includes practical and hands-on activities, where we will put these concepts into practice.

  • Essential Prerequisite: Experience in design
  • Who this is for: Graphic designers, interactive designers, UX/UI, product designers
  • Duration: 3 x 2-hour sessions (Virtual)

Other training courses available:

Accessible Document Creation

This practical and hands on training will provide you with the knowledge to create accessible documents. The course will leave you with a working knowledge and confidence that you can create more inclusive documents including standard Word documents, long form Word documents with complex images as well as PDF creation.

Be guided through in this workshop style training and be guided through the process to create an accessible Word and PDF document as well as looking at basic PDF remediation

Essential Prerequisite: Intermediate skills in Microsoft Word

Who this is for: Communications and marketing professionals, designers, anyone who is creating Word or PDF documents.

Duration: 4 x 2 hour sessions (Virtual)

Accessibility for Web Content Creators

This course will provide a deep dive for web content creators into the fundamental and more advanced web accessibility principles. Learn concepts around accessible content creation and identifying how to begin and maintain accessibility on your website.

We will work with your organisation to tailor this specifically to you to ensure you get the most from this training. We will provide specific examples from your website and guide you through fixes and remediation work you can do as content creators, authors and managers.

Who this is for: Anyone who is creating, producing or uploading information or content to a website.

Length: 2 x 2 hour sessions (Virtual)

Accessibility for Social Media Deep Dive

This training course will deep dive into the major social media platforms and provide step-by-step guidance on how to embed accessibility into your social media posts. From captions to alt text, learn the fundamental dos and don’ts to make sure your social media posts reach as many people as possible.

Who this is for: Anyone who is creating content for social media or posting to social media.

Length: 2 x 2 hour sessions (Virtual)

Want to Learn More?

For more information about our training sessions, please reach out to our Senior Accessibility Consultant, Ben Crompton. Also, if you didn't have the chance to watch our webinar designed specifically for designers and marketers, access 'Bringing the Pieces Together: Accessibility for Designers and Marketing Professionals'!

Your journey to creating more inclusive and accessible digital experiences starts here. Contact our team to join us in our journey to making accessibility a fundamental part of the design process.