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De-risking Digital Transformation Dinner with Tricentis

TTC Global's Canadian Debut

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  • Nisse Vaya
  • 29 March 2024

TTC Canada debuted with a splash on February 29th in a memorable client dinner at the prestigious Canoe Restaurant in Toronto. This event was co-hosted with our esteemed partners at Tricentis and provided an opportunity for local IT and QA leaders to come together and share insights based on their experiences within the industry.

As a proud Canadian, I was ecstatic to welcome my US-based team members, TTC Americas CEO Chris Rolls and Senior Manager Kayla Hildebrant, who both flew in for the occasion. While they enjoyed a host of activities – sightseeing, Raptors games, and engaging conversations over great meals— the highlight of their trip was our dinner with Tricentis, which brought out a number of industry leaders whose experience spanned across various sectors: Banking, Insurance, Technology, Engineering, Healthcare, and more. The wealth of knowledge in the room truly couldn’t be overstated.

Throughout the evening, we ventured into discussions about digital transformation and the pivotal role of Quality Assurance (QA) in Canada's tech landscape. Many organizations are hesitant to invest in digital transformation due to concerns relating to set-up costs, security concerns, or even a lack of expertise. In a survey we conducted, we also found that having the right software methodology was also a major concern when it came to pursuing a digital transformation.

Getting a better understanding of the common challenges associated with digital transformation was eye-opening and opened the floor for further discussion. Other industry leaders who have had experience with digital transformations within their organizations shared how they benefited, detailing how they overcame initial hesitations and what best practices they had learned.

The evening continued with conversations that touched on critical themes such as Regulatory Compliance, DevOps, Continuous Testing, Data Integrity, Quality Engineering, and Risk-Based Testing. Hearing from such an experienced and diverse group of people allowed for a fulfilling discussion that left everyone with a better idea of Canada’s software testing landscape. We also enjoyed a wonderful array of food, as pictured below!

Pictures from the Toronto Dinner

Overall, our dinner at Canoe Toronto was nothing short of spectacular. The venue, known for its breathtaking views and exquisite cuisine, provided the perfect backdrop for this gathering. The discussions and connections made that evening underscore the bright future of quality assurance, software testing, and the remarkable achievements of our community.

There are endless possibilities that lie in the intersection of technology, innovation, and the unique Canadian spirit. Whether it's a mobile app that helps us stay connected with loved ones, a banking platform that facilitates secure financial transactions, or a healthcare system that supports critical medical processes, the quality of software directly impacts the experiences of millions of Canadians and people around the world. The team at TTC Global is excited to play a part in making people's lives easier, safer, and more enriching through quality-led software testing. Here's to the future of quality assurance and software testing—may our efforts lead to groundbreaking achievements and continued collaboration across borders.