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TTC guides and supports organisations to transform the way they deliver technology, providing them with a competitive edge and helping to provide access to digital environments for all.

At TTC, we believe the digital world will become more accessible and usable. We remain committed to bringing that vision to fruition by guiding organisations on their digital accessibility journeys.

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Our Approach to Digital Accessibility

In our unique position, we factor accessibility into our scoping and briefing conversations with our clients. As a software and digital accessibility testing company, we assist our clients in developing an accessibility mindset that crosses the full Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC). This means shifting accessibility left and gaining benefits in cost reductions and usability improvements for all. Through defined strategies, frameworks, testing, and a deep understanding of accessibility best practices, we enable organizations to transform the way they deliver technology, ultimately helping to provide access to digital environments for everyone.

Steps To Ensuring Accessibility

The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) are a set of global guidelines to assist organizations to become more digitally accessible. They define what is needed for accessibility. Manual testing is key to ensuring accessibility and including people with disability is good practice, as is ensuring testing with assistive technologies.

Understanding user journeys is critical – how do people interact with your sites or apps and what are they expected to do along the way? Having a written commitment, strategy and frameworks to assist your teams to know what is expected, planned and what to do is important.

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How We Support Organisations

Brochure: Digital Accessibility

Brochure: Digital Accessibility

Brochure: AQA Testing Tool

Brochure: AQA Testing Tool

Case Study: Australian Network on Disability

Case Study: Australian Network on Disability

Case Study: Special Broadcasting Service

Case Study: Special Broadcasting Service

Case Study: Leading Insurance Co.

Case Study: Leading Insurance Co.

Steps to Ensuring Accessibility

Our goal at TTC is to enable teams to embed digital accessibility practices into their day-to-day processes. We aim to do this through:

1. Strategic Guidance: We guide organisations to create strategies, roadmaps, and frameworks that embed accessibility and support robust implementation.

2. Learning and Development: We upskill teams across the business through technical and lived experience training and coaching.

3. Tooling: We provide the best in market accessibility testing tools designed with and by people with disability.

4. Consulting: We consult organizations and supporting teams across business, including design, development, and testing teams.

5. Tailoring: We provide implementation solutions that align to your organisation's culture and programs. Together, we embed accessibility into your delivery methodology whether it be Waterfall, Iterative Waterfall, or Agile.

Managing Accessibility for You

We understand that organizations need support on their digital accessibility journey. We are here to help at any stage of that journey through:

1. Digital Accessibility Monitoring: Digital accessibility must be maintained. This monitoring service means that your website is regularly reviewed by people with disability. In addition to automated testing, to ensure accessibility is maintained, periodical reporting, and support are provided. Your organisation will receive a badge of compliance to showcase on your website.

2. Audit Assessments: Understanding a person's pathway and interaction through a website or system, also called the user journey, is important. At TTC, we test against Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), and we test the user journey to ensure an accessible user experience. Audit assessments include summary and full technical reporting tailored to diverse needs of different stakeholders, classification, and prioritization of defects, de-briefing with stakeholders, and the option for TTC to support with remediation.

Accessibility Training

Capability uplift is an important part of embedding accessibility into the way that teams work. TTC’s suite of training supports teams, leaders, people in specific roles and the broader organisation, to increase their knowledge and to practically build skills.

Client Testimonials

An Australian Federal Government Department says, "This is the best accessibility testing reporting I have ever seen." A leading insurance company says, "it has been a pleasure working with the TTC team!"

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