Accessibility Testing

Web accessibility commitment and accountability prevent barriers and ensure equal access to information and functionality for all. Just like with brick and mortar, online business must be fully accessible. Websites, applications, and software must be accessible and shoppable to all people, including those individuals with low or impaired vision, are deaf or are hard of hearing and/or have mobility and dexterity requirements. Organizations can incur significant costs through inaccessibility either through direct fines, reputational cost, and opportunity cost through not adequately serving a market segment.

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Global Accessibility Initiatives

The internet empowers organizations to connect with prospects from anywhere in the world, so local laws aren't the only ones developers must comply with. To create a standardized system or protocols the Website Accessibility Initiative sets global standards for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) which are monitored by the Bureau of Internet Accessibility (BOIA).

What Accessibility Looks Like

Accessibility Testing Services

While the organization who owns the website is the one subjected to fine, WCAG guidelines are designed to help web content developers, app developers, and software developers, page authors, web authoring tool developers, accessibility tool developers, ad graphic designers, complete accessible products. Once complete, it falls on the organization's responsibility to test and confirm compliance.

Even when organizations and developers have compliance on their radar, it is best to have an unbiased third-party test compliance. This reduces risk, and ensures accountability. While the cost of fines is a primary motivator to many, organizations must not lose sign of the increased earning potential of ensuring ease of access to customers with disabilities. When selecting a Quality Assurance consultancy, you must ensure they have a solid reputation for success, test for compliance in all countries you serve, and provide both manual and automated testing. Most importantly, they must be able to accurately highlight any compliance areas which need to be fixed.

The TTC Difference

TTC values accessibility and have established ourselves as a leader in the field. We remain up to date with global disability acts and provide in-depth manual and automated accessibility testing. While accessibility and compliance may be your primary motivator, we are a one stop shop for all your software and quality assurance needs. Often we incorporate our accessibility testing services within a broader software quality approach. Our priority is to eliminate your risk of non-compliance and better serve all of your diverse customers.

We test websites, software, and apps that are already live as well as those that are in the development phase. Our testing is designed to be rapid and we provide a comprehensive report of our findings. We are also available to provide the required fixes to get you to where you need to be. Beyond compliance, we ensure ease of use for those who prioritize better serving digital customers with disability.

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