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Solutions That Fit Your Technology Challenges

Choosing the right technology platform to support your business can be challenging. TTC’s broad experience working with a multitude of industry leading applications enables us to provide optimized solutions best suited to your organization’s needs. Leveraging our team’s knowledge of automated technologies and testing expertise, we collaborate with you and our providers to improve testing efficiencies, software quality, and customer value delivered.

Your Platforms


SAP is a leader in integrated enterprise application and management software, offering solutions to help organizations of all sizes to streamline, adapt, and achieve. With the largest cloud platform of any provider, SAP continues establish quality enterprise resource planning (ERP) software with SAP S/4HANA, an ERP system with built-in technologies such as AI and Machine Learning, allowing for intelligent automation and advanced data processing capabilities.


Oracle utilizes advanced cloud technology to provide companies with the automated infrastructure and software needed to innovate and perform higher wherever they may be. Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) leverages a set of Oracle’s integrated business applications to drive and consolidate a multitude of processes, such as enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), and supply-chain management, all within a single site and database.


Salesforce is the world’s leading customer relationship management (CRM) platform. Hosted on a consolidated cloud platform, teams across organizations can utilize Salesforce to easily manage relationships and stay connected with customers. With increased visibility throughout the entire customer lifecycle, greater cross-functional collaboration, support, and growth are enabled for any business.


ServiceNow delivers digital workflows that transform the way organizations work. Through enhanced IT, Employee, Customer, and Creator workflows, ServiceNow unlocks the potential for productivity by connecting people, functions, and systems on a unified platform. Optimize operations, maximize the value of initiatives and investments, and manage risk in real time.


The Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud computing platform provides flexible, affordable, and scalable infrastructure to power businesses around the world. AWS’ global cloud technology gives organizations the freedom to launch new applications instantly and adjust according to ever changing business needs, delivering results efficiently and effectively.


The Microsoft technology stack includes a wide-ranging set of applications, such as Azure, Dynamics, Office 365, and PowerApps, to aid organizations in developing robust solutions. The stack’s dependable framework and integration services provide the resources needed for organizations to successfully build development projects in all stages.

Achieving Business Outcomes

In addition to the above, TTC has extensive experience working with the following platforms: IBM, Infor, TechnologyOne, Tableau, PowerBI, Informatica, and more. See how TTC partnered with our clients to drive value:

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