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DevOps Dojo

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DevOps Dojo was born out of a need for a more effective approach to DevOps coaching and training. Previous coaching methods, often referred to as Seagull Coaching were typically in the form of a 1-2 day training session where the coach flew in, made a mess and then left. Wanting to establish a better approach to coaching, retail giant Target Corporation took the idea of a Japanese Dojo; a school for training in various arts of self-defense and applied this style of teaching to DevOps.

The DevOps Dojo concept sees teams advancing their Agile and DevOps skills while continuing to perform their scheduled work. This immersive DevOps learning environment provides a physical space where project teams can practice their lean Agile and DevOps skills with the supervision and assistance of Agile technical coaches. The ultimate goal being to enable the team to deliver value to the market faster. Read more about it in our eBook!