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TTC New Zealand Covid-19 Pandemic Response

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TTC Asia Pac Shane Ross
  • Shane Ross
  • 28 April 2020

Further to earlier discussions and emails on TTC New Zealand’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic, TTC New Zealand has been planning and preparing for the move across New Zealand (whole or on a regional basis) from Level 4 to Level 3 and below. Key aspects of this planning are the health and welfare of our staff and our key client relationships.

From a TTC staff perspective, TTC is initiating the following:

  • Identifying who is reliant on public transport (and what type) to get to work.
  • Identifying who is either health compromised or who lives at home with health compromised people (noting that responses will be advised as voluntary and subject to absolute confidentiality).

We will factor this into discussions with clients where our staff are engaged on their projects. We are also asking staff to keep their own register of contacts made each day – in the event that it becomes useful information due to positive Covid-19 result for them / their circle of contacts / client circle of contacts / TTC contacts. Our suggestion is that our staff record this for themselves and only share when requested to if needed and by the Ministry of Health.

Our current TTC New Zealand Covid-19 Pandemic Response is located here and will be updated from time to time as the New Zealand Government changes its approach to the handling and management of the Covid-19 pandemic. Please check back to this document for TTC New Zealand’s current Covid-19 Pandemic Response state.

TTC is committed to our staff health (physical and mental), as well as working with the rest of New Zealand to stamp out this virus and its impacts as quickly as we can. We see planning and collaboration being key to achieving this as the nation looks to manage this unique situation.