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Event Recap: Tricentis & TTC Energy Roundtable

Recapping the event's discussion on testing challenges and opportunities.

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  • Daisy Wang
  • 26 May 2021

Recently, Tricentis and TTC came together to co-host a Virtual Roundtable, where organizations from a wide range of energy verticals, such as Electric Utility, Pipeline Transportation & Storage, E&P Oil & Gas, Downstream Refining, and more, attended to discuss testing challenges and opportunities currently facing energy executives. The Roundtable featured three panelists who presented and facilitated the discussion: Ann Lewis, Former Head of QA at ExxonMobil, Daniel do Valle, Senior Solution Architect at Tricentis, and Chris Rolls, CEO of Americas at TTC.

To start off, Lewis delved into a client example regarding testing pain points and finding the sweet spot. The client was looking to improve its testing because in its current state there were too many defects, it took too long, and it was costly. After joining the project, Lewis aimed to discover where the pain was, what was causing it, and how she could look externally to others in the industry to find different approaches. Ultimately, according to do Valle, successful digital transformation for any organization requires changing people and processes before shifting software and technology.

With the COVID-19 pandemic this year, attendees also delved into how these external circumstances have impacted their organizations, such as shifting to automated test management tools, overcoming hesitation to adopt new technology, and upscaling their testing and current workforce by turning manual testers into test automation engineers. When it comes to automating, Rolls and other attendees discussed the balancing act that often presents itself between IT and business. In the end, ensuring organizational support for automating is a matter of assessing technical and business risk while ensuring the business is involved from the beginning and understands the clearly communicated business value.

In addition to the Roundtable, Tricentis and TTC partnered to perform both qualitative and quantitative research to identify and compile seven critical success factors for enabling continuous testing transformation. Download the eBook to see our findings and learn more about the full insights discovered.