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Appsurify and TTC Announce Strategic Partnership

Innovative Tools and Deep Skills

Phong Hua
  • Phong Hua
  • 4 September 2020

The Woodlands, TX | September 8, 2020 –

Appsurify and TTC are pleased to announce that they have entered into a global strategic partnership, combining Appsurify’s industry leading software testing tools with TTC’s world class expertise and operational services for software assurance.As more and more organizations embrace digital transformation, the amount of software being developed is growing at an ever-increasing rate. Companies are now beginning to recognize the need for predicting better outcomes for their software engineering teams with the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).

The Appsurify-TTC partnership brings together innovative tools and deep skills to support predictive test intelligence to save engineering teams significant time and money for their releases. Optimizing automated and manual testing to be up to 1000% faster and reducing cloud testing expenses by over 95%. “Being able to offer our clients Appsurify’s cutting edge tools to speed up automated testing and prioritize manual testing based on the likelihood of defects for any application will enable our clients to save a significant amount of time and money.” says Chris Rolls, CEO of Americas at TTC.

By combining Appurify’s technology with TTC’s services, this collaboration represents a significant step-change in how software testing is delivered. “Partnering with TTC to deliver the people side of testing automation, leveraging their 15+ years of experience delivering projects for Fortune 500 organizations while adhering to Agile and DevOps best practices will place our clients on the best path for success in this new digital business landscape.” says James Farrier, Founder at Appsurify.

About Appsurify

Appsurify is dedicated to making software testing smarter, faster, and cheaper, helping you release your products faster with fewer defects. The Appsurify team builds upon decades of experience in software testing to overcome today’s limitations. We understand the challenges of QA and software testing because we’ve lived them ourselves. Appsurify was founded in 2017 and is privately held being headquartered in Santa Monica, California. To learn more, visit us at:

About TTC Global

TTC is a leading global software assurance provider with a focus on helping organizations transform the way they deliver technology. We have capabilities across a wide range of delivery areas that enable our clients to increase the speed and quality of technology development while reducing risk and cost. TTC was founded in 2004 to be a testing partner that could take global learnings and best practices and deliver them in a locally appropriate way. Fast forward fifteen years with offices in New Zealand, Australia, Asia, the Americas and Europe and strong partnerships with some of the world’s largest organizations, this is still TTC’s purpose today. To learn more, visit us at:

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