qTest Test Management tool has been ‘trending’ with TTC clients in 2019 and is expected to continue to grow with new features in 2020. | TTC Global

qTest Test Management Tool Has Been ‘Trending’ with TTC Clients in 2019 and is Expected to Continue to Grow with New Features in 2020

qTests is the popular test management tool choice for 2019, see what's next in 2020

  • Brendan Lester
  • 13 December 2019

As many organizations move to Agile frameworks, they are looking for better test management tools. Many of our clients have migrated from legacy tools to Tricentis qTest in 2019.

As consultants we work with an array of clients who are at different maturity levels in their test management journeys, some started with manual Test Case Management, some connected their Jenkins Pipelines for enterprise reporting and others were using advanced Pulse integration features. One commonality that made qTest so appealing was that all of our clients in Asia Pacific that were looking for a new tool, were utilizing JIRA.

This created a value add for our clients because qTest in the industry leader in leveraging seamless JIRA integrations. Other features that were appealing included benefits from a great user experience, audit trail and communication facilitation that qTest Exploratory provides.

It’s a pleasure to be involved with these activities. qTest has helped TTC be able to assist clients to bring their own products to market in a fast and safe manner. Seeing people happily using qTest as opposed to spreadsheets, manual craziness and clunky alternatives is as equally rewarding.

I had been looking forward to some additional features being announced for qTest at Tricentis Accelerate, and I wasn’t disappointed. This is just some of what is coming in the very near future:

  • UI Test Case Design
  • Risk Based Testing
  • Integrations to Tricentis Analytics
  • Improved Integrations to Tricentis Tosca

In addition, qTest will also be accessible via the Tricentis Enterprise Cloud portal.

UI Test Case Design

Think Visio in qTest for planning out your test cases. Drag, drop, connect, fill in the details & importantly, share with others visually. This new feature is part of the new Design Studio approach being progressively rollout out across the Tricentis suite.

Risk Based Testing

Risk Based Testing isn’t new. It’s an analytical approach to prioritising work and promoting the value of test cases for faster feedback, based on frequency of business use & Impact in the function’s absence. Risk Based Testing has been previously available within Tosca and soon it will be available in qTest. Bringing this alongside the test cases and their executions further enhances the quality and depth of both planning and measuring deployment readiness. What remains to be seen, is how this ‘shift left’ in Risk Management will work alongside similar features in Tosca.

Integrations to Tricentis Analytics

Tricentis Analytics joins qTest and other Tricentis tools within the Enterprise Cloud. Analytics is based on Qlik and Qlik is everyone’s favourite data integration and intelligence tool. Users will have access to more out of box reports and will be able to create their own powerful and dynamic views. Over coming months, Tricentis Analytics will become the central hub for all data feeds from Tricentis software. This begins almost immediately with qTest Cloud. I’m looking forward to seeing how Tricentis aligns to the recent Forrester Research on DevOps Quality Metrics.

Improved Integrations to Tricentis Tosca

Tricentis has improved their qTest integrations to TOSCA. Details will be released in 2020, but I’m expecting it will be aligned to the new Distributed Execution (DEX) / Continuous Integration (CI) work being undertaken in the Tosca camp (Lighter agents that take JSON instruction and don’t need Commander). qTest has always been able to execute Tosca Test Automation and report back on the results, but this has been a little tricky to setup and use. Again, I’m looking forward to getting my hands on this technology.

Tricentis continues to grow and align qTest to the modern, agile ways of working. Tricentis also contributes to industry best practice, trends and reporting back on such. I’ve just finished reading Wolfgang Platz’s new book, Enterprise Continuous Testing. Great read, highly recommended. With all this activity and thought leadership going on, it’s no wonder qTest is the world’s #1 test management tool amongst Agile testing & QA teams.